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We Have Periods!

Its a great success story for our society in every aspects since we started the program called “CharityPad” Program seeded in the mind of our Society Founder Tarun in 2015 and since then he and his team at WOHTHH Society been dedicated to the Problems & Taboo associated with menstrual Hygiene.

But this Success story is much more than any society or an individual, its a Story of Two Girls Muskan & Sanya living in “Malin basti” where our program CharityPad is providing pads for almost a Year now, and recently while our regular visit both girls came to us and discussed their periods and requested to provide them Pads in regular basis, it was the best moments for Us as a Society working for a cause which is still consider as a taboo.

We are very proud of both the girls and hopefully they will bring some changes to the society.

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