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     In a nation like ours, women are seen as someone to look after the home and bear children. The women and girls are mostly involved in household work, does not have any say in the family affairs. Excluded from receiving higher education and entirely dependent on their male counterparts, they have to bear the brunt of most of the evils like dowry, domestic violence etc. Being a patriarchal society, women and girls are not allowed to step out of their houses which lead to lower educational status, low confidence to face the world. In view of the financial constraints that a family faces, this skill-building program strives to empower with women, and community at large. It was observed, if some kind of skill is imparted to the women, it would give them more avenues to earn their living. The program will also help them to raise their voice against the ill treatment accorded to them within the family or outside. Hence, vocational training program (stitching ) will enable the women and girls to learn and enhance their skills, enhancing their confidence level by making themselves reliant.

       We are glad that we have completed our second batch of HOPE CENTRE at Chinyalisaur Uttarkashi and soon we will grow more with everyone support

Started -22nd Aug 2016

Teacher- Sangeeta ( House Wife)

Qualification- ITI                            COMPLETED

Students-Six (Female)

Training Period- Six Month

Started -1st May 2017

Teacher- Sangeeta ( House Wife)            

Qualification- ITI                            COMPLETED   Students-Six (Female)

Training Period- Six Month

" Late Smt Dhanvanti Devi Hope Center" 2nd Batch Chinyalisaur

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