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Taboos related to menstruation still persist in hilly areas of Uttarakhand

The district magistrate (DM) of Uttarakhand’s Champawat district has ordered a probe into alleged “confinement of women and girls” during their menstrual period in a government building by a local village headman.

At a public grievance redressal event on Monday, it was brought to the DM’s notice that such a camp was functioning in Ghurchum village in Champawat tehsil and the complainant wanted it to be shifted to some other place.

“I enquired about the camp and its whereabouts. I have ordered a probe into the matter,” Ranbir Singh Chauhan, DM Champawat said. The DM was apprised that menstruating girls and women are confined in the house and aren’t allowed to touch anyone outside. They are provided food and other necessary items there.

Prima facie, officers believe that the village head might have converted a building into menstruation camp.

“I feel a building could have been converted into such a camp as there’s no provision either by the state or central government to establish such camps. However, the reality can only be known once I get the investigation report,” Chauhan added.

“Taboos related to menstruation still persist in hilly areas of Uttarakhand,” Vishakha Dhodi, co-founder of NGO Wings of Hope-The Helping Hand said.

First Published: Jan 16, 2019 00:06 IST

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