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Undercover Girls

During the course of our Mission Charitypad, we have come across many times that females are not using underwear and those who are using have either one pair or two. 

   UNDERCOVER GIRLS started in 2016 and we have provided more than 2500 underwear to females in Uttarakhand and we are continuously supplying it where we find their is a need.

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we are trying to make sure females in villages use Sanitary pads and other necessary products for their good health and we have found that village females do not use underwear. 


   Yes, Clean Pair of Underwear is very important for keeping the genital area clean, Protects from genital irritation caused by clothes, If you’re a woman who is menstruating, wearing underwear is an invaluable tool for keeping your clothes clean, dry and unstained. 


we have found some facts in Our Villages, females 

1. Do Not Use Underwear

2. Have an Old Pair ( 3-4 years )

3. Lack of awareness 

Support The Mission

1. Donate new Cotton underwear

2. Order Online and send it to our Office address

3. Donate Via Gpay /Paytm / or Direct in account for Purchasing Underwear

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