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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Young adolescent girls do not receive the support and education they need to make healthy, informed decisions about their bodies and their lives.


Its been 6 years since we have started the WOHTHH Society(NOW TRUST)  for Development of Uttarakhand and in this journey we found that one of the biggest problem faced by women is proper sanitation. The main problem of menstruation is being neglected. Females face great challenges in terms of hygiene and sanitation. For girls who are menstruating, these problems compound the difficulties posed by the inability to afford sanitary pads, no toilets as well as cultural taboos around menstruation. As a result, many girls miss on average four days of school every month which is over a month in a year, meaning they fall behind in class and sometimes even drop out of school altogether. This is an added challenge to the already existing problems that lead to the high drop out rate of female students in primary and secondary schools. In villages female are using Unhygienic cloths instead of sanitary pads, because of this they always scared of stains and they keep hiding themselves at home. WOHTHH Trust wants to take a small step towards this problem. The main objective of charity pads is to provide sanitary pads to every female free of cost . 

One Pad
360° Solution

Our aim 

1.Every Female to have a Sanitary Pads

2.Girls will not have to miss school simply because they are menstruating.

3.Awareness Program so that Females can discuss problems connected to menstruation with our workers, other healthcare professionals who may be available, as well as teachers male or female.


How we will do

 Initially we will work in the rural schools of Dehradun district. in which “charity pad” will reach to school and we will aware girls about the menstruation and provide pads to them on the regular basis free of cost. WOHTHH will track all the records about how many girls attended school during one months and so on.Later we will move to another districts with same Program but for a start we will target rural schools of Dehradun district.

pad 2.PNG

These Pads are bought from the multiple suppliers with the best quality in the market. these Pads costs 17-18 Rs (Incl GST)

Oxo- Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins Regular Size with wings \nLength: 240+_ 10mm\nWidth: 60to 70mm\nThickness: 10+_2mm\nBack Strip- A back strip for sticking the \nsanitary napkin onto the underwear should be there using good adhesive material. \nRemaining parameters confirming to\n IS specification no. 5405 : 1980/CE Certified.

Costs - 10 Rs 

Uni Pad-Reusable Sanitary Pads, made with cloth, One unit of Unipads can be used for over 5 years!. Unipad are natural, chemical free

for more details.

Happy Periods " Lets talk about it"         28th May Menstrual Hygiene day


SanitaryPads Supplied


Awareness Camps


Underwear Supplied

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