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COVID-19 India: Impact on education and the 'Digital divide'

With Covid hitting worldwide, we've found solutions to keep ourselves up by going completely virtual or atleast majorly virtual. Not refuting the opinion that it has been an apt workaround for our economy to get going, not everybody can spare the price for a virtual advantage.

This 'digital divide' is indicating to those students or families that cannot afford to shift to 'Online Study' as quickly as the Government's recommendations that shifted to 'Online Teaching'; in some cases families even ended up taking their children out of the schools, unwillingly pushing their children into an unsecured future. I am not even considering families that cannot afford to educate their children at all, which is another story I would love to rake over some other time.

Some Facts to note:

- only ~24% of Indian households can afford to have internet access (some of them might not be able to even afford a proper meal for the day, so internet access will not be part of their list)

-14% of women had access to internet as compared to 42% of men ( you might also want to see the hidden gender discrimination here)

-Only 12% of students have access to smartphones as the rest of them are still fighting for basic necessities.

- Most Teachers are ill-equipped for Online teaching

Who is to blame? The Government? The schools? Or should we stop the blame game and come forward to help? Today it's someone else's child. Tomorrow it can be your own 'known and loved' one. Situations change. Practice Empathy.

Our NGO, Wings of Hope, the helping hand society, gives you an opportunity to fund for Children's education. Small funds too can give bigger hope. So with promoting equal opportunity in education,let's replace an empty mind with an open one. Let's Donate.

You can reach out to us at:

+919760947123, +919536378737


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