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Charity Pad

hi my name is Anushka​ i am student of GGIC Sahiya, My life has changed since I have been receiving pads by Wings of hope the helping hand society on monthly basis. I was very afraid of my periods as i was using cloth and I had to skip 4-5 days of my school, its very difficult to reach school on those days as cloth makes it uncomfortable and I have to walk for 2 hours to reach my school & it become worst when it pains. I feel lucky that i am getting Pads and now i am more confident and participates in all activities in School my attendance is full. But its just not me All the School girls are getting these pads by the WOHTHH free of cost and i have seen a lot of changes in everyone life. its been more than 7 months we are receiving these pads and also Society take cares that if the school is Closing for holidays they provide extra pads in advance. All the student waits for Vishakha didi who brings these pads and listen to our problems and guide us. Thanks very much WOHTHH society for changing my life and Girls of my school i hope This society reaches every girl in need.

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